Waterford Green Homeowners Association

County Leaf Pickup
Curbside leaf pickup in Harris Township will begin at the end of October.  St. Joseph County has a contract with Greenworld Environmental Management to conduct two passes this fall and another in spring.
​Please keep the following in mind:
Place leaves within five feet of the curbline or shoulder.  Only loose leaves shall be collected; do not put leaves inside a fence or in any type of bag.

Leaves must also be easily accessible and at least 15 feet from mailboxes or obstacles and at least 25 feet from parked vehicles.

Do not place any debris, tree limbs, grass clippings, trash, brush or anything other than leaves at the curbline.

County officials passed an ordinance that prohibits leaf burning in unincorporated portions of the county for residents within 200 feet of homes, schools or other population centers.  It allows for two weeks of amnesty, during which residents can burn leaves for a week in the fall and a week in the spring.  Watch for these dates to be announced on the county website and by local news sources.

For further details on leaf pickup, go to: