Waterford Green Homeowners Association

Radde Investigative & Security

Radde Investigative & Security will be in the neighborhood on a regular basis.  A marked patrol car is dedicated to our neighborhood.  The hours will vary to increase security.  If you see something suspicious, please contact St. Joseph County Police.

If you leave your garage door open, Radde Investigative & Security will leave reminders in homeowner's mailbox.  If you are taking a vacation, please email or call them and they will pay special attention to your property.

Email: raddepi@aol.com
Telephone:  (574) 234-9091

In case of an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

Neighborhood Watch
Contact a board member if you are able to organize a neighborhood watch network for our neighborhood.

Post Lights
Please ensure your front yard post light is in working order with bulbs shining brightly. As per our covenants, these are required in front of every home and should have an automatic "dusk-to-dawn" electric eye.

Street Lights
If you have a street light posted on or near your property and notice it is not working, contact AEP Indiana Michigan Power.